Thursday, May 29, 2014

How I came to create this blog - Simple

I created this blog on the day when exam stresses made me feel something different than usual. Just wanted to browse through anything and keep away from the stresses and exam phobia for some time. In doing so, suddenly the idea of blogging strikes my mind and this really did this work for me, I was completely out of stresses when I completed creating this blog.

Photo Courtesy: Google

So, let me wait and see what I can do with this blog later on. Definitely I will have some idea at some point of time when similar stresses or any emotional sentiment makes me think about many strange things that seems important to write it down, so that i can read it later on.

Actually not good at writing and i always wished for improvement.

I have learned something by being able to create and getting started with blogging, hope will learn lot more in times to come.