Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Kitchen Garden

I am a son of farmer. Agriculture was our main source of income for livelihood. It was the agriculture that enables my parents to send me schools and then to college. In fact everyone without depending on agriculture directly or indirectly cannot sustain to live a life. Agriculture work is very important for everyone and I particularly have interest in doing it. 

My neighbors are kind enough to share with me their part of kitchen garden when I share with them the interest I have for making one. Fine Sundays and free hours after office are the time I spent on gardening work. My mother supported me with varieties of seeds she collected over the year.

It requires hard work from us and then the things keep on happening as you wish. If I had spent those few hours in playing games, my time would have end there but because I spent on gardening work, those few hour time seems not yet end as I still can enjoy those time’s time. 

If the field is dark or grey, it’s one of the characteristics of fertility and if it’s easy while digging then it’s encouraging to work. It so happen that I planned to do it and the conditions favour me.

My sister and friends help me and we have sown the seeds of beans, reddish, maize, ground nut, chilli, lady finger and cucumber. Only this much I could collect this time. 

At first I doubt whether my seeds will grow or not because I didn’t add any manure and there was ginger plantation before this. But after few days or a week with rainfalls, it started to germinate and they starts growing. That was the time I did enjoy seeing my first kitchen garden becoming green. Then the willingness to care for it comes from within and automatic. 

I also have sown the seeds of which I don’t know the name and what kind of vegetable it is. One of my friend gave me that seed and it has started to grow and still I am unable to recognize but then my friend don’t want to say what it is. It’s interesting sometimes to see things growing and I am caring for it, yet not knowing what kind of fruit it would give me. It looks no difference to some common grasses grown around and I feel it would bear me nothing but then sometimes I also expect something out of it. Anyway it’s growing so nicely.

Everything that are green attracts the heart of most people. It is not really because the color green looks good. It is because everything out of green is good for all. It has lots of benefits to all the living beings on earth. Beautiful Summer Mountains and valleys are the sources of fresh air and sources of food to all living beings at all times to come. Because of all greens we all do survive and that’s the reason why do I care for green.

Human beings out of their extraordinary senses have selected few among millions that are grown green, some bearing fruits and some bearing only leaves, which are good for health to consume as vegetables. This may not be true but I wrote it because I once heard that, everything that we cultivate as vegetable today are grown plenty in the forest many centuries back. That’s what old people says.

It really feels good taking some hours away from normal office time and going deep into the jungle, chop down heavy loaded branches and fix it in the garden for proper anchorage of the bean stem.
 I can recall beautiful memories from childhood days where I was sent in the jungle to look after few number of horses and many cows while helping my grandfather and grandmother. Sorry grandpa and grandma, you are no more to be seen and talk to but I always will remember your kindness towards me. Those days used to be very beautiful and meaningful. 

Being born as a son of farmer in the far flung village where words of modernizations are unheard, I am blessed that I have learnt lots of lessons out of it to realize what life is meant to live for. Though people never heard of bank balances and never try to have one, they survive with biggest smiles all the time. 

Though my bank balances are always zero after getting job, I keep on smiling and always be happy. Little funny but that is what I am doing and it is because I have learn to be happy without bank balances. Thank god! That is what I am and am happy with it.

Coming back to my kitchen garden, it is what keeps me holding onto my life by remembering best times I have spent in the past and encouraging times to spend here after.

As time passed by and when things I cared for becomes green and greener is the time I spent most on caring more. Early in the morning, went there to see if anything new changes has come and then back after office to work. All of this makes my time and a day very beautiful and always fruitful. 

I never failed my official task and I was always there to work for my garden, never reject anyone’s call and never failed to call my parents and friends and never reject any social gathering. What is there to say that I am not happy and my days are not beautiful? My days have been always beautiful and I always pray for the same. 

On 23rd May, the heavy rainfall and the storm made my garden look awful, shapeless and some uprooted. It made me feel so hopeless at first but then it brighten up my feelings when I saw them waking up slowly and coming back to normal as the sun rises and transferring radiant of energy to them. Again how beautiful it is? The natural phenomenon. I am learning a lot from this garden. 

I really wanted to see organic vegetables coming out from my kitchen garden and now it’s there. It is going to save me few bugs and shared some with friend’s kitchen as well but then it doesn’t touch me much but the time I spent to make this garden beautiful. I am going to miss this time until next beautiful thing I planned to do.


  1. I wish I have that ability and lands to do that Jigme! Keep up your passion! Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

  2. Thank you Rima, Wish you very good days ahead.

  3. good job keep up (both gardening and updating your blog)

  4. Thank you nakphey, hope you are doing good, keep going and wish you good day tomorrow (Saga Dawai Day)