Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Happy Moment in My Life-Graduation Day

Graduation day was one of the happiest moment in my life. Not only because I am graduating but also because my father make his presence on the day. Indeed it was beyond words can describe to express happiness out of your presence. It was unexpected that the father who survived with single dialect (sharchop), who don’t have any idea of the world beyond his visibility and rarely travelled distant places has decided to make his presence on the graduation day of his eldest son. 
With graduation certificates
He has travelled all the way from far flung village of Trashiyangtse to the College of Science and Technology, Phuntsholing, just to wish his son a HAPPY GRADUATION DAY and as a token of happiness, presented me with gifts. Thank you father for making the day great and to all my family; I am thanking you all for the gifts. I felt immensely great and happy to be part of you all's life.
With my father at CST
I would also like to thank all the teachers who came into my life for you have taught me, scolded me to make me into what I am today. Thanks to all those who are related to me for your valuable supports and encouragement. Without any supports and help from you all, it’s impossible for me to be able to make this joyous day of celebration.

It was my pleasure to sit with my father, take photographs and get advices on this great day. I am very happy and all my friends are happy too to see you together with us to celebrate the day. Your supports for my studies are immense, and whatever I asked for, you make everything possible for me. I would like to say that the graduation is for you my father and your presence is everything that makes my day.
On the way from CST to Thimphu
I had a wonderful and unforgettable graduation day which was one occasion in my life that I have been waiting to come and that I would cherished to remember as a great day hereafter. On this joyous day of my life, I could enjoy the day remembering those hardship I have been through for last eighteen years and indeed I found the day very important to celebrate to realize the importance of the hardship in one’s life. Also I came to realize that life is not so easy to live as long as one wish to live it worthwhile and those who live it so easily are not worth of being human. No matter what comes on your way, things are not to be taken easily for it is not and hard work is the only key to success.

I know, celebrating this day is not the end, it was just one success stories of my life which is the start of another journey of success in my life. To be successful and to celebrate yet another such joyous day, hard work and the blessings of almighty and love and care of my beloved ones are very important. Looking forward for continued support from everyone I am relating to and I would continue to give my best wherever I am and whatever I do in my life.


  1. Congratulations Jigmey! It was indeed one of your happiest moments in your life when your father attended your graduation ceremony. Your story reminds me of my own experience too. Thank you for sharing and wish you all the best for your next endeavor! Tashi Delek! :)

    1. Thank you Rima, I am very happy that you read it and it reminds you about your graduation as well. Actually my English is horrible, I write down whatever comes in my thought out of situations I come across aiming to improved it. I hope my English will improve…. Thank you once again and Tashi Delek for your life ahead.

  2. Congratulations Jigmey. And it is also nice that your father attended your graduation ceremony. He must have been really proud of you. Also wish you luck in any endeavor of your life ahead. Tashi Delek and Good luck.

  3. Congratulations Jigmey. Nice that your father attended the graduation ceremony. He must have been really proud of you. Wish you luck with your endeavors ahead. Tashi delek and good luck

  4. Thank you sir Tshewang. I am happy that you read it, hoping for the best thing to appear..... Wish you good luck in your life ahead.

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  6. The presence of your father on graduation day meant a immeasurable love and care for you by your father. Tashi delek even though I am late to wish.

  7. Thank you Jigme Zangpo for the comments.