Friday, March 31, 2017

April Fools' Day

I have heard of people waiting for Valentine’s Day to make love. I have seen them trying their best to make it possible. I knew that many fails but no blame, coz that’s the day all about. Indeed, those days were to remind us about the meaning of love. Love of all beings on the mother earth. Yet another day of similar kind but absolutely conflicting. Here’s to make fool, an April fool day. On that day, a year ago, I was made fool, completely fooled by her stories. She was merely a strange college girl. Stories were inconceivable, but I happen to believe it and paradoxically agreed to sacrifice my life and reassure my assistance. Soon after when she reminds me of the date, made me blockhead. 
Photo courtesy: Google
She laughed, when my heart beats. So obtuse of me. She started apologizing and ask for forgiveness and that’s how we started to chat and share more about each other and eventually falling for one another. Till now, among the thousands words exchanged, that April fool day was most unforgettable day. I used to be careful every time but on that day I failed and u got me. That’s the real you meant for me. 
Happy April fools' Day! Lol.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Life

Life wasn’t supposed to be easy I guess. Remembering past kills me sometimes. I didn’t choose that way but it all happened just the way it is. I know regretting is not a solution but can’t avoid it anyways. As an ordinary human being, we all are born to do mistakes. I did mistakes too and biggest mistake of all is that I couldn’t accept others mistakes and that rude attitude of mine made me loose the most important person in my life. I happened to be simply walked away without any second thought. Your simplicity cannot be replaced by anyone, you are just special. I have expected everything so perfect from you without realizing that I was so selfish in doing so. Mistakes are common, I should have realize this before. It’s simply a little mistakes we have done that now we are apart. It hurts and I know we both did. I wish we can come back and be normal as we used to be. I can imagine the beautiful life we have plan for long. But things aren’t possible. While trying to become the best, I turns out to be the worst. So ill fated. Life seems not so easy for me.
Photo Courtesy: Google
I missed our anniversaries and I missed our conversations. We have been waiting for our future so anxiously and had to end without living it. Life is such a twist, we can’t change or reform things as you wish. It’s been few years pass and I tried living a normal life but it wasn’t so easy. I can’t be serious and just don’t like so many things that I used to. That’s why people started hating me. Today, I am trying to be good and because I am afraid of becoming the worst again, I keep most things for myself.

Everything happens for a reason and most things in our life are not in our hand. God decides everything.

That’s one episode of my life in brief.

Life goes on

Our daily experiences are filled with wonders and excitement. As a kid, I was fascinated by the existence of gigantic vast surface of the earth, the tiniest stars, the dim moon light and the brightest sun. The belief that earth is flat and sun moves around the earth was so amazing. Indeed, those were the little discoveries I have made. What exist beyond that mountain was another big wonder. I need not have to read books to get excitement and those days were the best days of my life. I only knew about things I can see and feel, and those beyond the reach of my eyes were all wonders. I was quite happy then.

Today, all those excitements were forgotten. I have learn about the spherical earth, knew even the approximate radius and its rotation, revolution about its axis and around the solar system. Star were seen tiny but it’s thousand times larger than this huge earth. New discoveries are made every day and some even reached to explore the innumerable Milky Way galaxy, universe and black holes in space and the existence of aliens. Today, only readings, audios and videos gives us excitement. 
Milky Way
My world has changed from seeing the reality to seeing the creations of those reality in the form of social media. Our life journeyed along same path and wander under single sky, share one earth, drink water from single source. Still, people discriminates within smallest society, forget about race and religion. Nature does everything to please us, we people are almost in the verge of failing to repay with our greatest intellects. Big reasons to worry about and wonder.

How amazing the life would be to every individual if loving kindness and compassion prevails everywhere and politics and businesses of selfishness eradicates.   

Life is a never ending stories and each episodes determines the quality of life one lived.  

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Single thought can change your life

I have been into deeper thoughts quite often as I keep on planning for my future. I wanted to become efficient environmentalist, researcher, professor, architect, and carpenter as I liked so much playing around with woods and use newer technologies related to it. I wanted to build models and make furniture for my house. Such thoughts lingers in me for long and sometimes I even dream of building my house by myself. I wanted everything to be unique that will eventually prove that I have learn engineering. 

The great passion I have for my career let me not stop thinking to become professor and that’s my ultimate target in life. I will be happy and my parents will be proud. I found doing research is the best way to learn and create new ideas and techniques that will also paved way towards becoming a professor. Becoming an expert in the field of environment being a fond lover of what everything nature does and appreciate what is possess will perhaps make me efficient environmentalist. Not only this, I was even thinking of my grand marriage party, fascinating new cars, mountain bikes and list goes on. Indeed, I was dreaming a lot and just wishing if I have 36 hours instead of 24 hours a day, I may get it all done. 

After all this, a single final thought changed my mind. 
This is how I imagine my office to be in future
I was too selfish in dreaming, if it really is going to happen. May not happen because people of my age already prove be done with it. However, this are all just thoughts. I was selfish because I almost forgot to include the welfare, dreams and happiness of my parents and family. I realized that their hard work in last twenty years has been invested in me and now within few years into career was about to ruin my thoughts. 

What if my thoughts are to invest in them for rest of my life? 

They have invested in my career that brought me happiness, and now it’s my turn to invest in their happiness. What will bring them the happiness that they have never achieved before? I know they don’t expect much but I should make it happen. This should be my thoughts and dreams of priority henceforth. So I changed my mind and that changed me and will changed my attitude too. Will wait and see what magical things happen next. Until then, live a happy present day life because it’s all times well known saying that past are gone, future is yet to come, so everything that u do today matters.

Glimmer of choice

Quite often I got confused with my own choice of interest for further studies; subject of specialization. Sometimes I feel it is not compulsory for me to decide one, because I can choose any subject any time wherever needed. On the contrary, this may not gain me enough confidence in any area as I gear up through my career and finally may land up being skeptical and less useful. Yes, this is the time when I have given multiple thought and some wage idea draws my attention closer. Wage idea of having numerous choices and having gathered sufficient reasons about why I should study this and that. Is it because it will finally give me Ph.D., or am I really interested at getting one? Is it because I am already learning it, or it is because it’s for the good cause? Or maybe simply no reason. It is certain that I cannot say I am interested, when I am actually searching for my interest. 

I noted few things and try giving reasons too. Urban Planning? Because I have major in civil engineering, or Bhutan is just developing and need more planning or may be because I am GIS student. Then it strikes me with another; Watershed Management, because Bhutan is built out of beautiful and in fact the best watersheds. May be I can also choose Flood control or Landslide, just because it’s a major calamities in hilly terrain landscape like Bhutan. Another thoughts in my mind; Environment or Environment Conservation. Then it extend over watersheds, flood and so on that I have mentioned. Wait, it’s becoming complicated and more confusing. I need to be specific. May be I should choose Environment. So that I don’t have to go for conservation to be limited sometimes. Why not be specifically specific again? Environment is a broad subject.
Indicates the power of nature
Nevertheless, without thinking much, let it be Environment. It’s fine. Let it be broad. So, to proceed, let’s start from root level, for example; grass, forest cover, plant species, animals, water, snow and glacier. Geospatial approach in all area. Including theories, developing new algorithm, and new equations. Begins with studying its state, conditions and so on. Then followed by conservation techniques. It should be of national concern. 

What I hate about studying is when no flexibility of time is offered. If I don’t get enough time to collect data, to read and write, then it fails me. I should know that I am slow learner. So I will take enough time for every stages until I finally can conclude. Handling lone project at a time may help not to complicate things in the process. So, finally Good Luck! I was trying to be serious but things just came randomly, it’s just random thoughts, nothings so structured, so let it be. Be it personal as it is.