Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coming Home

Finally everything comes to an end for the semester. Now I am almost ready to leave towards my native. Hope everyone there at home are doing well. Got headache because of sun’s heat, little sun burn as well. Had to ride bicycle under scorching sun at all corners trying to finish up formalities for my summer internship and biding good bye to teachers and friends. Never a relaxing moment even after finishing long awaited exams. However, it was never a tiresome job for me. Finally I am done now.

Little excited because I am coming home and more worried about my journey all alone. Earlier experiences where horribly unbearable to recollect about and hope this time I will have safe travel.
This semester was unique. Lots of changes happened. Some are for good and some are not but anyhow it changed me. No worries, let the time come, things just will happened and you are done with it. It doesn’t matter you know it or not but always be prepared to faced it bravely and never miss the opportunity. And yeah it did work and I am already assuming the semester was worth spending times under heat and high humidity. In fact we were facing world’s highest temperature. Learning was never an easy task if you try to learn it, yet not so difficult if you are already learning it. Trying to open the first page of any book was never an exciting for me. Often I closed it back and land up doing other work. But realizing I already crossed half of the pages never stopped me from getting to an end. Lessons learned, accepted the mistakes. Trying to be good was difficult. Being who I am gives more comfort in accepting genuine comments, like it not but it changed me. 

To my seniors, your time with me were so worth recollecting and your words of advices were all heart touching. You cared me like brothers and sometimes scolded but all from your true positive heart. I know you expected me to change and wanted to see changes in me for the betterment. Seeing you like a family to me was my pleasure and lasting for eternity was my wish. But as always wishes just remained as wish. Time had already departed us and that’s how life is supposed to be. Already missed you two. Happy Graduation from little bro here, to Mr. Jamyang and Chimmi sir. Wish you two happy and prosperous life ahead with the very new phase of your life.

To my big brother, Mr. Ngawang, I tried contacting you through whatsapp and wechat but no response till now. Need to discuss about our returning ticket. Seems like now I am almost getting late if I have to book from here. So, my brother you try booking from there with the help from Hari sir. Most probably, I may have to come back by 25th June. Anyways missed you too. Hope you are having great time with your family and regards to your mom from Ramjarpa Kota. 

Thank you Bevek for your time. Your hard works instill in me the inspirations and encouragement for next semesters to come. Although you remained silent concentrating on your studies, I can still feel your presence if anything needed. But I have to leave now, sorry to let you stay alone but I know it doesn’t make any difference to you. Good luck with your last paper and GOODBYE.


  1. Come safe man. Hoping to meet you and have philosophical converse about Indian culture if you might have learnt.

  2. Thank you boss, I may not hav learn anything but sure converse with never end... See u

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