Sunday, October 11, 2015


Life isn’t so fare on me. May be I am wrong but things aren’t appearing as expected. Am I expecting too much? I think I am not. Am simply living the life as it appears and not in speculation fantasy. The world am seeing today is completely different from what I assumed. May be I have changed over the time? Or it’s the people around who have changed? I think I am not. If it is really the people who are changing, it is destined to be? Or it is determined to be? The more sophisticated people think about living the more complicated it becomes and consequently it appears unorthodox, I believe. What else can I do now??? I am feeling lost and incomplete which is complete strange for me.
Complete loop of my life-start studying, gona end studying


  1. mang gi du brother, i think u are on ur track.

    1. Everything is fine bro, little ups and downs are part of life i guess.. hehe.