Saturday, March 18, 2017

Single thought can change your life

I have been into deeper thoughts quite often as I keep on planning for my future. I wanted to become efficient environmentalist, researcher, professor, architect, and carpenter as I liked so much playing around with woods and use newer technologies related to it. I wanted to build models and make furniture for my house. Such thoughts lingers in me for long and sometimes I even dream of building my house by myself. I wanted everything to be unique that will eventually prove that I have learn engineering. 

The great passion I have for my career let me not stop thinking to become professor and that’s my ultimate target in life. I will be happy and my parents will be proud. I found doing research is the best way to learn and create new ideas and techniques that will also paved way towards becoming a professor. Becoming an expert in the field of environment being a fond lover of what everything nature does and appreciate what is possess will perhaps make me efficient environmentalist. Not only this, I was even thinking of my grand marriage party, fascinating new cars, mountain bikes and list goes on. Indeed, I was dreaming a lot and just wishing if I have 36 hours instead of 24 hours a day, I may get it all done. 

After all this, a single final thought changed my mind. 
This is how I imagine my office to be in future
I was too selfish in dreaming, if it really is going to happen. May not happen because people of my age already prove be done with it. However, this are all just thoughts. I was selfish because I almost forgot to include the welfare, dreams and happiness of my parents and family. I realized that their hard work in last twenty years has been invested in me and now within few years into career was about to ruin my thoughts. 

What if my thoughts are to invest in them for rest of my life? 

They have invested in my career that brought me happiness, and now it’s my turn to invest in their happiness. What will bring them the happiness that they have never achieved before? I know they don’t expect much but I should make it happen. This should be my thoughts and dreams of priority henceforth. So I changed my mind and that changed me and will changed my attitude too. Will wait and see what magical things happen next. Until then, live a happy present day life because it’s all times well known saying that past are gone, future is yet to come, so everything that u do today matters.

Glimmer of choice

Quite often I get confused with my own choice of interest for further studies; subject of specialization. Sometimes I feel it is not compulsory for me to decide one, because I can choose any subject to study at any time wherever needed. On the contrary, this may not gain me enough confident in any area as I gear up through my career and finally land up being skeptical and less useful. Yes, this is the time when I have given multiple thought and some wage idea draws my attention closer. Wage idea of having numerous choices and having gathered sufficient reasons about why I should study this and that. Is it because it will finally give me Ph.D., or am I really interested at getting one? Is it because I am already learning it, or it is because it’s for the good cause? Or maybe simply no reason. It is certain that I cannot say I am interested, when I am actually searching for my interest. 

I noted few things and try giving reasons too. Urban Planning? Because I have major in civil engineering, or Bhutan is just developing and need more planning or may be because I am GIS student. Then it strikes me with another; Watershed Management, because Bhutan is built out of beautiful and in fact the best watersheds. May be I can also choose Flood control or Landslide, just because it’s a major calamities in hilly terrain landscape like Bhutan. Another thoughts in my mind; Environment or Environment Conservation. Then it extend over watersheds, flood and so on that I have mentioned. Wait, it’s becoming complicated and more confusing. I need to be specific. May be I should choose Environment. So that I don’t have to go for conservation to be limited sometimes. Why not be specifically specific again? Environment is a broad subject.
Indicates the power of nature
Nevertheless, without thinking much, let it be Environment. It’s fine. Let it be broad. So, to proceed, let’s start from root level, for example; grass, forest cover, plant species, animals, water, snow and glacier. Geospatial approach in all area. Including theories, developing new algorithm, and new equations. Begins with studying its state, conditions and so on. Then followed by conservation techniques. It should be of national concern. 

What I hate about studying is when no flexibility of time is offered. If I don’t get enough time to collect data, to read and write, then it fails me. I should know that I am slow learner. So I will take enough time for every stages until I finally can conclude. Handling lone project at a time may help not to complicate things in the process. So, finally Good Luck! I was trying to be serious but things just came randomly, it’s just random thoughts, nothings so structured, so let it be. Be it personal as it is.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gist of 2016

Now yet another day has arrived for us to wave good bye to the bygone year. I wish I had few more days of 2016. The year has been the busiest year with longest journey ever made, important task ever done and critical decisions ever taken. Have seen different world with greater challenges ahead. The sacrifices made left be satisfying and meaningful. Made a memorable ending with December being the best month. Got to take so many decisions for the betterment with promises to conquer to the best of capability. I should say of all, the experiences I have gained, the motivations and encouragement that enthusiast me will keep me inspiring for the years to come. The year has given me new hopes with new principles developed. The year seems too short for now with many task remaining incomplete with unlimited dreams.   

I have had experienced life in many ways. There were things which I couldn’t do it but still I believe I can do everything. Excuses is a greatest failure and so the reasons too.  Success comes with hard work and time matters. My friend once told me, as a man one should do 36 hours work in 24 hours. His words keeps me encouraging. Unique dreams will let u do unique things, at times people will blame you but believe in yourself because nobody understand your brighter dreams better than yourself. Jotting down every new ideas and keep holding on to it because it’s believed that ideal ideas comes only once and that is blessing. Making sure to have satisfying day before you sleep. Listen more and talk less. Be so good that they can’t ignore you. Trust yourself and trust people around you so that you gain trust of others too. Believe in imperfection and inequality, do respect and have sympathy. Always remember the importance of inter-dependency in life. Being constant at every work and to be time conscious because time is the precious gift of all in life. 

There is no end to success because every success is the new beginning and every beginning will have the success. That is how the life begins and hard work matters for the number of success. Every challenges is an opportunity and opportunities opens doors for experiences and success. The people who do hard work often get discouraged and demotivated. Giving up things at this moment is a greatest failure again. The more you get discouraged, the more challenging it will be if taken positively and that is how one creates opportunities. The kind of happiness you get will give meanings to your life. The more responsible you become, the more meaningful it will be. 

This are some of the motivations that lead to satisfying 2016 for me. I wish for another miracles in 2017 with new motivational things. Wish all readers a Very Happy New Year!!!

The best moment of 2016:
Namdroling Zangdo Pelri Guru Rinpochee Zhingkham
Golden Temple
With Angay Nima Lhamo and Angay Kiba from Tibet both 100 yrs old and best friend, very lucky to meet and talk with them.

Mariana beach in Chennai
Mariana beach
Chennai Central Airport
Mom and dad
At Rinpoche's Resident in Kadyu Monastery, Mysore
 Good Wishes for the days to come!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Ride ~ To Remember

Since one year back from the moment I started to learn cycling in Chennai it was my wish to ride through the mountains of my native and experience new feelings and inhale fresh air. Beautiful mountain terrain and fresh air in Bhutan are well known in the outside country for being not just carbon neutral but also carbon negative as the Prime Minister mentioned in one of the TED show. I remember one of the senior scientist from Indian Metrological Department delivering lecture and mentioning about Bhutan government being the only South Asian nation to fully support Environmental Protection by being carbon negative which was a proud moment for me when all around staring at me with a smile of gesture.

Cycling in India was easy because of plane roads by nature. They even used it for carrying loads. For Bhutanese it is just an adventure. Riding from Thimphu to Drugyel Dzong and way back to Thimphu coincidentally on World Environment Day completing 130KM fulfilled my long awaited wish. Therefore, I wish to dedicate this day for the love and care I have for the environment for everything it provides naturally. Initially The Royal Flower Exhibition was our half way destination. Seeing the crowd of public lining up for the entry let us changed our way to Drugyel Dzong. Then we intentionally missed the exhibition fearing our late return. 

Dreams are unlimited and assumed unachievable but if you just do it as you dreamt of things just appear unexpectedly. Even after all has happened, you find it just as in the dream and that is how dreams become true. 

The idea was first shared by my friend Tenzin supported by Sonam Gyeltshen and finally the place was decided by me with lots of excitement. I wasn’t so sure, and the destination was determined. My only experience is 15 minutes ride from my apartment to college and way back every day. No ups and downs. I asked few people and they gave me confidence by assuring my early return and complete the journey. I was worried about first ever such long journey through steep roads. Traffic was not a big deal for me with experiences of frequent minor accidents through heavy traffics of Chennai. 

At 6:00am in the morning, journey started from near Tarayana Building making our way easy till Babesa Junction. We had to push our bycycle at that little up steep road and we laughed at our self for making this big plan. Tenzin already said he want to give up. He was exhausted and he even rejected to take a snap. But I updated our journey into Facebook status and force our self to make it anyway. All agreed and then we proceed.

As we rode through, we decided to take advantage of down road and make it to the highest speed. It was really tough when we had to ride up steep roads and we tried our best not to push but paddle. As we determined, we made our way till Chuzom where we had our breakfast with tea, momo and boiled egg. It was around 7:30am by then which gave us more confidence that we can make it early to Paro. With little gained energy we rode through again.

I was leading every time and so waited near spring water on the way, which is pure and precious believed to have cleansed all our sins.  We wash our face, drank it enough to satisfy thirst and prayed for our safe return. I saw many vehicles parked and at least wash their hands and drink. Very few, may be those who travel more frequent, they don’t wait. Fresh fruit are also there to sell by farmers nearby. It’s an opportunity for relaxation and rest for travelers on their way.

Traffic was little heavy compare to other days. Many people from Thimphu are traveling for The Royal Flower exhibition. However, roads are more comfortable and not steep as I expected. We took rest at Eusuna nearby river after crossing a steel bridge where our friend Tshewang followed us with his Celerio after seeing status in Facebook. Came to know the importance of updating status sometimes. We took snaps and where happy that we got duty vehicle if anything happened. We put all our bags and mobile phones in his car and made our riding easy through valleys of Paro from Shamba, crossing Bongdi through beautiful scene of Airport making our way towards Paro town and then to Drugyel dzong.

Paro, as I have seen is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. Aesthetic traditional buildings, many resorts and residents surrounded by glowing green hillocks. Plane and peaceful. Many open spaces and yet to develop and become more beautiful. I wish my job placement is here.

When we reached to Drugyel Dzong, my friend ask me about how modern engineers justify the strength it holds for centuries which I remained silent and finally said its always a miracle for those traditional structures in Bhutan. Paro Taktshang still remain on my list for next visit.

It was 12:30pm by the time we decided to have our lunch at Sonam Trophel Restaurent in Paro town. Almost all are very tired and hungry. It grew within me a doubt whether we really can make our way back to Thimphu when what we experienced is pain all over body. However, it was just a doubt. I didn’t say it but rather encouraged our self that we can make it anyhow. We had a delicious Bhutanese dish and thank them for making our visit a memorable one. 

Our returning journey started, rode together till Shaba. Then, I thought its getting very late since I saw the very slow movement with my friends, which let me decide not to wait but to ride as fast as I can. I decided because I was already determined to complete it and on the other hand I knew they are already very tired and Tshewang’s Celerio would help them reached Thimphu anyhow. 

Then, I didn’t even looked back. Just keep paddling and rode as fast as possible and reached Chuzom. I couldn’t see them following me. Took a litre of water and then paddled through the highest steep road from Chuzom till Wangsisina without rest. I find myself moving slower than I can walk but still I didn’t give up and keep riding. I saw others riding as well. Some already on taxi and few taking rest, very tired. 

Just before Khasadapchu, I saw my friends coming in taxi adjusting themselves in the best possible way and stopped by just to say they give up. Then, I decided to ride all alone again and let them go before me because I have already crossed the highest steep road and now will not be a big problem. Little drizzling rain when I reached Ramtokto which let me call my friends and informed them that I am almost reaching and not to worry about. 

With cup of tea from nearby shop at Babesa junction and then exactly at 5:30pm as agreed, I could retuned my hired bicycle to the owner. Thanks to all my friends and almighty for the safety you assured me with little adventure I have been through and fulfilling my wish. Looking forward for next such unexpected things to happen and to complete the incomplete assumptions in my life.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coming Home

Finally everything comes to an end for the semester. Now I am almost ready to leave towards my native. Hope everyone there at home are doing well. Got headache because of sun’s heat, little sun burn as well. Had to ride bicycle under scorching sun at all corners trying to finish up formalities for my summer internship and biding good bye to teachers and friends. Never a relaxing moment even after finishing long awaited exams. However, it was never a tiresome job for me. Finally I am done now.

Little excited because I am coming home and more worried about my journey all alone. Earlier experiences where horribly unbearable to recollect about and hope this time I will have safe travel.
This semester was unique. Lots of changes happened. Some are for good and some are not but anyhow it changed me. No worries, let the time come, things just will happened and you are done with it. It doesn’t matter you know it or not but always be prepared to faced it bravely and never miss the opportunity. And yeah it did work and I am already assuming the semester was worth spending times under heat and high humidity. In fact we were facing world’s highest temperature. Learning was never an easy task if you try to learn it, yet not so difficult if you are already learning it. Trying to open the first page of any book was never an exciting for me. Often I closed it back and land up doing other work. But realizing I already crossed half of the pages never stopped me from getting to an end. Lessons learned, accepted the mistakes. Trying to be good was difficult. Being who I am gives more comfort in accepting genuine comments, like it not but it changed me. 

To my seniors, your time with me were so worth recollecting and your words of advices were all heart touching. You cared me like brothers and sometimes scolded but all from your true positive heart. I know you expected me to change and wanted to see changes in me for the betterment. Seeing you like a family to me was my pleasure and lasting for eternity was my wish. But as always wishes just remained as wish. Time had already departed us and that’s how life is supposed to be. Already missed you two. Happy Graduation from little bro here, to Mr. Jamyang and Chimmi sir. Wish you two happy and prosperous life ahead with the very new phase of your life.

To my big brother, Mr. Ngawang, I tried contacting you through whatsapp and wechat but no response till now. Need to discuss about our returning ticket. Seems like now I am almost getting late if I have to book from here. So, my brother you try booking from there with the help from Hari sir. Most probably, I may have to come back by 25th June. Anyways missed you too. Hope you are having great time with your family and regards to your mom from Ramjarpa Kota. 

Thank you Bevek for your time. Your hard works instill in me the inspirations and encouragement for next semesters to come. Although you remained silent concentrating on your studies, I can still feel your presence if anything needed. But I have to leave now, sorry to let you stay alone but I know it doesn’t make any difference to you. Good luck with your last paper and GOODBYE.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy New Year-Male Fire Monkey Year

As this day, the new lunar year draws nearer, I remember so many moments of joy shared among families, relatives, friends and dear ones in the past which is traditionally popular and celebrated as “Dawa Dangpai Losar”. It is very common for Bhutanese working and residing in different places to come and gather together as a family and shared moment of happiness, joy and blissfulness of the day. 

Usually, the day starts with rooster alarming the head of the family, father to prepare Thukpa, then mother forcibly pulling the blanket from brothers and sisters to make everyone’s presence wonderful for morning soup (Thukpa). It will be around 6:00am by then, when everyone rushes for final sip followed by Suja and Zow. Elders in the family usually prefer Ara instead of Suja insistingly reasoning over having no usual works, often breaking into smiles of excuses. We shared all the stories and experiences of the year among family. It will be around noon, by the time we resolved to have special meal of the day. We dance, create jokes, laugh, teased one another and sometimes engagements and marriages happens expectedly or unexpectedly on the same day.
Since, Losar is the only day in far-flung remote villages of Bhutan where they get to rest, interact, gossip and play traditional games etc., usually elders from among different region will have Archery and Khuru tournaments. I still remember how my father used to eagerly wait for the day to come and won’t sleep the whole night before Losar preparing his bows and arrows. Archery is his favorite game. He even would make one ready for me. :)

Today as we celebrates the day, though away from home which seems bit unfortunate, I would like to wish my family, relatives, friends and fellow Bhutanese a Happy New Year. May this day reminds all of us about the impermanence and the interdependency of our existence on this earth. May all sentient beings, attends the path of liberation and the perfect place of immortality.

Happy 5th Anniversary!!! :):):)
Tashi Delek

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness the Gyelsey

Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness the Gyelsey.
Congratulations to your Majesties and to the Nation.
I am proud and happy to be Bhutanese today
To hear the news of your highness being born.
On this joyous day of celebration
I join nation to wish your highness
Good health, long and blissful life.
May the peace and tranquility of the nation flourished
Prosperity manifold thousand times and
Spirituality prevail in everything
For the nations and its people under
The blessings of your Highness
Tashi Delek