Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fleeting Glimpse of Ten Days at Hyderabad

Every journey begins with missions and there are sacrifices to be made. It’s hard to leave behind beloved friends and family. It’s harder when I have to face traumatized behavior of new people and place. I was excited taking flight with bliss experiencing completely new feelings but also sad to see the disappearance of beautiful valleys with meandering rivers and green hilly mountains. Landing at Kolkata and taking another flight to Hyderabad let me recollect all kinds of pollutions, noise being the most disturbing. 
Kolkotta Airport
I felt guilty unable to respond to the polite greetings of air hostess. There’s lot to learn from their politeness in our daily attitude.

Knowledge about JNTUH as premier university and toughest in academic prompted me to be extra careful and sincere was I then to be the first to report and do admission as international students but the idea completely bewildered me when we are asked to go back to our country and report back after one and a half month. Miscommunication among concerning agencies was then the cause of our suffering when they don’t have any support for accommodation despite our repeated enquiries and earnest request. Most irritating was when they kept us waiting and told us to come back the next day. With so much hope we exchanged mails with RCSC, EdCIL, RUB and JNP to help us convince JNTUH and get us at least accommodation to the earliest but was hopeless to learn there’s no accommodation which contradicts to their provisional award statements. Victims are we then to simply face the difficulties when everyone tries to be at safer side of their actions.

Travelling more than 50 kilometers a day by auto and landing up entering expensive restaurants for lunch cost us half of our 5 months stipend just to get admission letter and almost all our stipend gone when we finally shifted to our new private owned hostel which cost us Rs.18, 000 per month. Friends from my homeland staying here are kind enough to feed us with breakfast and dinner until then.
Nehru Zoological Park
Nevertheless, we tried staying away from those albatross sometimes and have good times as well.

We were received by Bhutanese working in Hyderabad along with few undergraduate students. Strangers are we to meet at Rajeev Gandhi Airport and went so close like brothers within no time. That’s the real charm of being Bhutanese, having to stay away from home. 

Visiting new places is what I always love to do and so the planning never fails. Hussain Sagar Lake with famous standing Buddha stupa was our first destination followed by Nehru Zoological Park the following day. Usually, Buddha Stupa and Churches are found where everyone can come easily for worship but here is business for some, entertainment for many and very little or none there to worship. Riding board was exciting but seeing the kind of strange scenario was abhorrent. 
Hussain Sagar Standing Buddha
Nehru Zoological Park was big enough to compare with Thimphu City with diverse biodiversity. Creativity and hard work to create such amazing place was appreciable but sad to see animals and birds under fencing and cage like they are in the prison. Sacrifices of animals are the business of people and it’s very sad to see different world than I assumed. 

I have also visited Malls and Big Bazars and Vishal Market is still on my list. There’s nothing we can’t get at Hyderabad but the money matters. For last 10 days I have been seeing the world so different and I am now preparing to look at it very differently for I have to adjust with this world for next two years.

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