Monday, April 3, 2017

Farewell Dinner

Thank you SRM Bhutanese Zatsang for the making the day memorable. It was the best farewell I ever had with wonderful people. You guys were just awesome in whatever you do. Stay united as always, keep supporting everyone and stay as one family. We were met as a stranger and stayed as one family. We have shared everything, the joyous moments, the happiest and the saddest too. This will keep our heart stay connected forever and each and every one of us has played an important role in every one’s life in this two years of staying together. This will mean a lot for times to come and in future endeavor. Thank you all for everything and making my mission here a successful one. I will remember you guys the most in my life.
Senior of the seniors sharing his words of wisdom
Mr. President's opening speech
Everyone in wildest of their mood
Senior Lhuendup sharing his experiences at SRM
Farewell and coincidental birthday cake (Senior Dorji)
Finally myself with UP and senior Dorji (First Occupational Therapist to join JDWNRH soon)
You guys were the cream of the country, feel proud of yourself and make our country proud as the country bestowed upon you the biggest trust. And I know you guys will do best in whatever you do and wherever you go. So, Good Luck from one time senior and a friend of all times. Will look forward to meet you guys wherever possible over cup of coffee or anything else but not empty mouth and let us make our life memorable and meaningful. For now, Good Bye.

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