Saturday, January 16, 2016

Visit to Namdroling Monastery ~ Mysore

This visit is going to be the beginning of my new life. A life everyone is destined to live but we are often drag into believing our self in negative thoughts unknowingly.
Need not necessarily be explained but fortunate enough to be there itself will enabled self-explanation and believed.   
A heaven on earth!!!
Sadly, may be limited fate,we had to leave.
Thanks to everyone. Our combined merits and fate has made our visit a memorable one.
I would like to urge everyone to make a visit to Namdroling Monastery and it will make a difference in your way of life. Even if it’s not for a lifelong, it will definitely change you for a moment when you are there…

First Day:
Looking for guest house

Zangdo Pelri

golden temple

inside golden temple

H.H Pema Norbu Rinpoche's palace
 We are very fortunate to get an opportunity to visit H.H Pema Norbu Rinpoche's Palace

Three GOI Scholars :)

Kudung Chorten of H.H 3rd Pema Norbu Rinpoche

Bro Jams Family inside Zangdo Pelri

With Ani Pema Chedron and Pema Choki

First day dinner
All our  mistakes turns out to be good fortunes that we left our induction and luckiest indeed to have dinner along with Anee Namdron at her residence.

Second Day

Mejur Dorji Chorten
Mejur Dorji chorten is well known for fulfilling all wish and the more we circumambulate the more merits we will gain, even substituting the modern drugs to cure diseases.

Tashi Lhuenpo Monastery

Tashi Lhuenpo Monastery

our duty auto and a guide for the day

Third Day

Mejur Dorji Chorten
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last talk and a goodbye with Anee Namdron

Mysore Palace

Anee Namdron

Visiting to this place of heaven made me genuine vegetarian, avoid alcoholic drinks and strong believed in myself.
I pray for the possibilities of my next visit....
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