Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thrilling Weekend

Last few weeks have been engrossed with busy schedules of studies and in the fullness of time we decided to have refreshing weekend. 

Thank you all for wonderful day.


  1. Thanks man. You too have great days ahead.

  2. Having overloaded fun mo sir. Glad that you three are having good times there. Stay happy and healthy sir. Hope you're doing great. Do Great. Regards. Take Care.

    1. Thank you Ugyen for seeing it. Ya we had fun somewhat like overloaded as u said haha, was joy sometimes day out mingling. we all are doing good and hope u guys too. stay good and always looking forward to see u guys in future. regards too..... tc.

  3. Nice and cute photos. Typical what Bhutanese would love to do when they were out of the country. Playing with water in the beach and eating KFC! ;) Hope everyone had a great time! ^^

  4. Thank you mam Rima for visiting our cute photos haha... and ya its true that we love so much to enjoy with things we don't have in Bhutan. Its nice visiting new places like this sometimes n definitely we had a great time and that was our joyous day ever hehe.... hope you r doing great as always and wish u Goodluck!.....