Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Following Life at Chennai-Coming home note

Wherever I have been in my life, I never regretted about moments being spent. Indeed, had enough profound memories to cherish forever. It is about yet another journey of my life with different experiences that prompted me to write down again. 

Accidentally, if you are reading this now, you may think or you already must have thought that with this horrible kind of English knowledge and poor writing skills how dare me blogging. But updating myself by reflecting on the kind of life I have been through is what keeps me most satisfied rather than making my piece of writing a public interest, which I guess am not against the rule and deviating away from the definition of blogging. Whatsoever, it hesitantly let me jot down this few lines to keep myself encouraging. Hope you don’t mind if you are still continuing to read this… :) :).

It was after almost a year into teaching service that I was selected to pursue master’s programme. Pleasure to take up the opportunity to further strengthen my knowledge but everyone wasn’t so agreeing with small amount of stipend I am provided with. However, it was me who always is most satisfied with whatever comes in front and never looked back. So was I then there at Hyderabad looking for one of the renowned university which later we learn that it cannot be of our choice which let us change our idea to find another university in Chennai. That’s how journey started and destination was determined finally landing up at SRM University. Yes! Lucky indeed, though difficulties are unavoidable, we got to study in India’s no.1 ranked University. 

We joined so late by almost a month on 30th August and later realized it was only within 2 months semester got ended with all the syllabus being covered when we start doing our exams from first week of November. However our final exam got postponed due to heavy rain.

It was within this two months that I had great time together with my friends from Bhutan and my classmates from Nigeria and India of course. 

First learning to cycling and then to play football, making tours through villages and cities, exploring new things and the best of Chennai. It was amazing. But I did submit my assignments on time and attended the classes too which was my priority indeed. 

We are only five in the class and five in the house. I mean to say that I got four classmates and four roommates. It was greatest year with fives for me.. WOW!

To describe my classmates, it is “too international” they said, when we have 2 international students among 5 in the class and none in other classes where large number of students are 100% Indian. Very interestingly, we all got something special character which we admire about each other and that’s why we became very closed and corporative. We became best of best friends. We discuss together, eat together, we sing together and sometimes we dance too in the class. Which somebody can’t imagine of how M.Tech student’s classes should be and I never had such free mind classes before where I had experiences of only sitting at some corner of the class and so silent.

Now to describe my roommates, they are all Bhutanese. We had a flat in first floor apartment which I described it as “debating room” of non-silence ending up most of the days fighting and fighting. We fight for individual opinion. Topic need not necessarily concerns someone but definitely and most of the time we used to have five opinions. Everyone fights to win though there is no winning trophies and to win we went so crazy most of the time with funniest statements ever made landing up calling each other “nan psycho dewala thenong”. 

Mr. Jamyang, Apa of the family, never failing us to reach nearby shops to keep things in the kitchen without complain of shortage. Very friendly, though many times seniors to me. I never hesitated to make any kind of talks to him. That is why his advices of similar experiences would always match my perceptions and predictions of life. 

Mr. Chimmi, teacher to me and now “nangi aum”, who manages everything to keep us sufficient. Very strict, speaks out whatever comes in his mind. What we see in him is what he really from inside. In fact, “inside-out” :) :). More than that his simplicity of similar experiences in life and openness is what made me so closed to him and that is why we call it “like teacher, like student... like mates”.

Mr. Ngawang and Mr. Bevek with me had lots of experiences together since we are selected together for masters from same parent college. I appreciated Mr. Ngawang’s love and care for his family and the return of the same which I had lot to learn as well. I always wish I am as cool as Mr. Bevek who keep things happening around him so calm and his inborn talent to handle many task at a time… hehe.

This is all about my classmates and roommates. I kept it brief as far as possible. There are lot things which I always wish to mention. I am learning a lot from all of my friends a lessons to conquer the world as I dream of and you all keep me encouraging. I already started missing you guys as you leave one after another for vacation and today the last of friends to leave, I and Ngawang are also coming for vacation. We don’t have tickets. It’s cancelled at the last moment. But now we are tired of waiting, we decided to come anyhow with the hope that we will get at least to sit on the train floor. With no luggage, without even those small gift prepared for long, we are coming. Hope to see you all my friends back at home and my family. 

We are so sorry to say that the flooding in Chennai has made our situation so pathetic. Hope everyone there at home will accept us empty handed, we are limiting to even take our cloths to change.
Lastly, prayers to my almighty, please keep us safe and let us find our route, from wherever it may be but to our destination.