Saturday, November 15, 2014

Teaching as my Career-JNP

As a school going kid my ambition was to become a teacher. It may be because I know only about teachers or may be because it’s my fate. My ambition remain unchanged until my class XII result was declared and I was asked to join one of the premium engineering college in the country-CST. I choose to join the college although my ambition was different because there were no one to guide me and all I know about was that if I choose to join engineering college, it’s a better option for my future. Changing my ambition from becoming a teacher to an engineer didn’t have any regret in me, so I choose to become an engineer.

 Four years of courses in civil engineering was successfully completed. My lingering thoughts and wishes to become an engineer and support my families was about to accomplish. Then I was thinking, what kind of life I would be living beyond supporting my families? About my own family in the future, the meaningful life I wanted to live and the things that I can do to make my life meaningful. Of course there will not be a great thing that an ordinary person like me can do for this world but I got a strong believe in myself that I can do it greatly in my own small ways to make some difference. Then the thoughts of becoming a teacher came again to me. By becoming an engineer, there will be a great sense of achievement and responsibility of leading a meaningful life but becoming a teacher has more than that in life.

 While saying so, my passion for engineering never dies. Studying engineering was my passion and now teaching as a career becomes my interest in life. Many people objected my idea of becoming a teacher. They want me to become an engineer and earn more. Still people talks the same wherever I met with them. It was the interest that I have for my career that holds me strong to believe in myself than to whatever others have to say for me.

 Now it’s been few months past teaching to my students. Things are happening beyond my expectation and my interest into teaching grew day by day. For the successful days so far, I wanted to thank all my teachers for teaching me values in life, friends for all kinds of help, my family for your immense support in my studies and almighty god for all.
First Year Surveying Students
With future surveyor-Boys
With future surveyor-girls
Thanks to all my students for your supports.

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