Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sad Man in Agony

                                                           I knew that I can’t love you.
I knew that I can’t hold you back.
I knew that I can’t be with you.
I knew that I can’t do all this with you.
I knew that I can’t achieved all this with you.
But still I can’t stop from ringing your cell phone to talk about.

I can’t stop from talking to you.
I can’t stop from sharing things with you.
I can’t stop from letting you know of my every moments.
I can’t stop from being myself knowing inside out with you.
I can’t stop from missing you always.

You know now that I missed you always.
You know I am known inside out for you.
You know many things about me that I am so sure of.
You know almost everything about me.
You know at least I am loving you still and also.
You know no possibilities of continuing relationship between us.
You know in fact there is no relationship between us.
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 But still I knew you hate me not.
So I believe.
Our relationship do exist.
But it can’t be for so long.
Our connections may exist for long and forever.
But it can’t be as same as before
And no better than today.

At the end when everything known and understood in silence.
I can’t stop from shedding tears.
Tears in fear of losing you.
Though I know I don’t have any hope.
Hope that can’t exist at all.

Why this things are so strange?
May be I am becoming absurd.
May be awkwardness of my fate has come to its time.
May not be that but still regret can’t be.
For I know I can’t only blame myself for my deeds.
I can’t blame you anyway.

Why am scribbling all these nonsense?
May be am losing control over my emotion.
You stop talking to me and cut the cell phone.
I knew something happens to you for sure.
And that’s the truth I finally knew about from silence in strange.

And this is the truth that hurts me not.
Because I knew it this will be the truth.
The truth of true love.
Which hurdled made it impossible.
But time and silence made it understandable.
And am agonized by my love.
Am sad and sad and sad……

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