Friday, October 16, 2015

Fresher's Party

It was an unanticipated invitation in the midst of occupied busy schedules of the semester. Fresher’s party was organized by second year M.Tech Remote Sensing & GIS students. Professors and staffs from the department join in as well. It was enjoyable and gratifying moment. 

Cutting cakes adorned with lit candles wishing for the happy stay and successful completion of the course with immeasurable knowledge under the guidance of seniors and experienced professors blessed with powers of almighty, the platform was then created for open interaction. 

Introducing each other and knowing background of knowledge, about the native place and personal interest was so common of similar kind in Bhutan. Singing songs and classical dancing out of talented individuals were incredible and playing games was entertaining. Most intriguing was when I had to sing a song “Namkhai Tshentra Lekpai” and I was the only one who can understand it. More confident was I and awesome performance, I assumed. Haha…

Hamburger along with ice cream were some items to keep us busy while few starts with speeches sharing their experiences and valuable advice. Trying to know more about personal things by asking questions was gaining more attention often breaking into laughter out of expected or unexpected response. 

Although the moments were filled with great joy and happiness, time got its way forward and we had to end the day. We took snaps and selfies to remember and cherish the moments in future. Thank you all seniors for the great moments we got to share and token of gift from you all would be remembered for eternity.

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