Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy New Year-Male Fire Monkey Year

As this day, the new lunar year draws nearer, I remember so many moments of joy shared among families, relatives, friends and dear ones in the past which is traditionally popular and celebrated as “Dawa Dangpai Losar”. It is very common for Bhutanese working and residing in different places to come and gather together as a family and shared moment of happiness, joy and blissfulness of the day. 

Usually, the day starts with rooster alarming the head of the family, father to prepare Thukpa, then mother forcibly pulling the blanket from brothers and sisters to make everyone’s presence wonderful for morning soup (Thukpa). It will be around 6:00am by then, when everyone rushes for final sip followed by Suja and Zow. Elders in the family usually prefer Ara instead of Suja insistingly reasoning over having no usual works, often breaking into smiles of excuses. We shared all the stories and experiences of the year among family. It will be around noon, by the time we resolved to have special meal of the day. We dance, create jokes, laugh, teased one another and sometimes engagements and marriages happens expectedly or unexpectedly on the same day.
Since, Losar is the only day in far-flung remote villages of Bhutan where they get to rest, interact, gossip and play traditional games etc., usually elders from among different region will have Archery and Khuru tournaments. I still remember how my father used to eagerly wait for the day to come and won’t sleep the whole night before Losar preparing his bows and arrows. Archery is his favorite game. He even would make one ready for me. :)

Today as we celebrates the day, though away from home which seems bit unfortunate, I would like to wish my family, relatives, friends and fellow Bhutanese a Happy New Year. May this day reminds all of us about the impermanence and the interdependency of our existence on this earth. May all sentient beings, attends the path of liberation and the perfect place of immortality.

Happy 5th Anniversary!!! :):):)
Tashi Delek

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