Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goenba ~ Only Place of Visit for Refreshing

In my middle secondary and high school days, I had an interest of visiting holy places by taking long walk through valleys and forest but after reaching CST, this charm was completely lost because I cannot see other than one and only place to visit every time. However I believe the almighty god of this goenpa (holy place) had heard my prayers every time and helped me to complete my college life without having any unfortunate ill effect.

Kharbandi Goenba

This goenba is the only place to visit for refreshing mind of CST students after listening to long lectures and concentration on the studies for the whole tiresome day. Visiting time are usually from 5pm till 7pm for CST student and it is the best spot for Indian tourist. 

Hundreds of Indian tourist visit goenba every day, mainly because they don’t have to cross the immigration check post and the whole Jaigoan town can be best view from goenba which they enjoy the most by capturing the views through cameras. Whenever I happened to come to Phuntsholing later on, this place would be one I won’t miss it to make a visit for another time.

Beautiful View of Sun Set from Goenba

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