Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gist of 2016

Now yet another day has arrived for us to wave good bye to the bygone year. I wish I had few more days of 2016. The year has been the busiest year with longest journey ever made, important task ever done and critical decisions ever taken. Have seen different world with greater challenges ahead. The sacrifices made left be satisfying and meaningful. Made a memorable ending with December being the best month. Got to take so many decisions for the betterment with promises to conquer to the best of capability. I should say of all, the experiences I have gained, the motivations and encouragement that enthusiast me will keep me inspiring for the years to come. The year has given me new hopes with new principles developed. The year seems too short for now with many task remaining incomplete with unlimited dreams.   

I have had experienced life in many ways. There were things which I couldn’t do it but still I believe I can do everything. Excuses is a greatest failure and so the reasons too.  Success comes with hard work and time matters. My friend once told me, as a man one should do 36 hours work in 24 hours. His words keeps me encouraging. Unique dreams will let u do unique things, at times people will blame you but believe in yourself because nobody understand your brighter dreams better than yourself. Jotting down every new ideas and keep holding on to it because it’s believed that ideal ideas comes only once and that is blessing. Making sure to have satisfying day before you sleep. Listen more and talk less. Be so good that they can’t ignore you. Trust yourself and trust people around you so that you gain trust of others too. Believe in imperfection and inequality, do respect and have sympathy. Always remember the importance of inter-dependency in life. Being constant at every work and to be time conscious because time is the precious gift of all in life. 

There is no end to success because every success is the new beginning and every beginning will have the success. That is how the life begins and hard work matters for the number of success. Every challenges is an opportunity and opportunities opens doors for experiences and success. The people who do hard work often get discouraged and demotivated. Giving up things at this moment is a greatest failure again. The more you get discouraged, the more challenging it will be if taken positively and that is how one creates opportunities. The kind of happiness you get will give meanings to your life. The more responsible you become, the more meaningful it will be. 

This are some of the motivations that lead to satisfying 2016 for me. I wish for another miracles in 2017 with new motivational things. Wish all readers a Very Happy New Year!!!

The best moment of 2016:
Namdroling Zangdo Pelri Guru Rinpochee Zhingkham
Golden Temple
With Angay Nima Lhamo and Angay Kiba from Tibet both 100 yrs old and best friend, very lucky to meet and talk with them.

Mariana beach in Chennai
Mariana beach
Chennai Central Airport
Mom and dad
At Rinpoche's Resident in Kadyu Monastery, Mysore
 Good Wishes for the days to come!!!


  1. Description in photographs can be much better sir. Do that next time.

    1. Thank you boss, I will definitely do next time,... by the way all those photos are taken at mysore...