Saturday, March 18, 2017

Glimmer of choice

Quite often I got confused with my own choice of interest for further studies; subject of specialization. Sometimes I feel it is not compulsory for me to decide one, because I can choose any subject any time wherever needed. On the contrary, this may not gain me enough confidence in any area as I gear up through my career and finally may land up being skeptical and less useful. Yes, this is the time when I have given multiple thought and some wage idea draws my attention closer. Wage idea of having numerous choices and having gathered sufficient reasons about why I should study this and that. Is it because it will finally give me Ph.D., or am I really interested at getting one? Is it because I am already learning it, or it is because it’s for the good cause? Or maybe simply no reason. It is certain that I cannot say I am interested, when I am actually searching for my interest. 

I noted few things and try giving reasons too. Urban Planning? Because I have major in civil engineering, or Bhutan is just developing and need more planning or may be because I am GIS student. Then it strikes me with another; Watershed Management, because Bhutan is built out of beautiful and in fact the best watersheds. May be I can also choose Flood control or Landslide, just because it’s a major calamities in hilly terrain landscape like Bhutan. Another thoughts in my mind; Environment or Environment Conservation. Then it extend over watersheds, flood and so on that I have mentioned. Wait, it’s becoming complicated and more confusing. I need to be specific. May be I should choose Environment. So that I don’t have to go for conservation to be limited sometimes. Why not be specifically specific again? Environment is a broad subject.
Indicates the power of nature
Nevertheless, without thinking much, let it be Environment. It’s fine. Let it be broad. So, to proceed, let’s start from root level, for example; grass, forest cover, plant species, animals, water, snow and glacier. Geospatial approach in all area. Including theories, developing new algorithm, and new equations. Begins with studying its state, conditions and so on. Then followed by conservation techniques. It should be of national concern. 

What I hate about studying is when no flexibility of time is offered. If I don’t get enough time to collect data, to read and write, then it fails me. I should know that I am slow learner. So I will take enough time for every stages until I finally can conclude. Handling lone project at a time may help not to complicate things in the process. So, finally Good Luck! I was trying to be serious but things just came randomly, it’s just random thoughts, nothings so structured, so let it be. Be it personal as it is.


  1. Dear Brother, going through your article as said is like a random thought, you have written but to add upon this for your further clarification on your professional, ya I have seen you and I too agree same for what you have chosen till date.

    You were my senior but now you are respected person, it feel embarrassed to share such thing with you. I am under your feet, still then if don't mind.

    The path, and course ( bachelor in civil engineering and master in surveying) you are taking is best I should say, being in same professional for four years though I being in low level with a practical experience.

    Keep going with Blog Brother.

    1. Hi bro. Thank you for visiting my blog. You are the real engineer, doing everything for the benefits of society. I have just learn it. You should be proud of yourself bro. Forget the word embarrassed, and there's nothing so called things under my feet. You are such a great man. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom of experience, being practical is always worth satisfaction.
      Once again, I am glad that you have visited my blog and ya hope to see you soon bro. Until then, Good luck with whatever you do in your life...... Cheers!!!