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“Where I want to be?”- Mr. Ramen Preet’s Presentation Summary

I really did enjoy the presentation given by Executive Director, Mr. Raman Preet from Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM). It was awesome and encouraged most of us at this point of time when in the verge of graduation and with the fear of job scarcity and dilemma to choose the suitable career in life. It gives me a sense of relaxation and out of worries after his wonderful talk. The core message from his talk was the understanding of “Where I want to be?” after graduation

He starts his presentation by asking questions “What is your goal?” and “What have you done to achieve it” but none of us couldn't answer it with confidence. It was an embarrassing moment for all of us but he continued by telling us that from today will be the right time for us to think about it and he would help us how to proceed because it is high time that we need to have goals and do something to achieve it.

I would like to keep note of his aspiring wisdom of knowledge that has encouraged me and many others in finding our goals and choosing the career.

As a fresh graduates, we will have two goals in our mind; to create a company and to join a good company, where both will lead us to get employed. This requires four main skills of good communication, basic IT skills, domain skills and aptitude skills. Good communication plays an important role in convincing business ideas, where drafting of ideas into presentation and presenting with confidence is crucial. Excel is considered one of the basic IT skills required because of its multipurpose functional to keep any kinds of data for manipulation. Being a civil engineer, having knowledge of civil engineering subjects is domain skills and one’s level of intelligence and unique attitude towards one’s career is the aptitude skills. If this four basic skills is acquired along with the basic knowledge of companies, projects and infrastructures development within the South Asia region or within India and Bhutan, opportunities into business is 100%.

Since Bhutan is a developing country and its infrastructures are in the process of development, there are lots of opportunities for engineers to explore new ideas and apply into business. Bhutanese graduates are not so eager about exploring one’s ideas and creating new things but searching for jobs which may not be up to their interest at times. The reason behind could be because of the unawareness and less exposure into larger business companies outside Bhutan. So, he encourage us to work in larger companies in India to learn about their business ideas and then creating a company back in to Bhutan. India having lots of world leading companies which requires 70% to 80% of working group as engineers, learning from their experienced will be of greater help to Bhutan.

Creating a company is making a product out of it. There are lots of opportunities for Bhutanese engineers because Bhutan don’t have many products of its own, mainly the infrastructure development. For example, paving tile manufacturing, cement brick etc. If in India, creating of such company would be of lesser chance of success because there are many such companies existing.

With this little ideas into mind and creating a vision about our goals of life will give you answers to the question “Where I want to be”.

Mr. Raman Preet, Executive Director, PIBM
Photo Courtesy~PIBM
Once into the business, we should work hard wholeheartedly because engineering requires extra hard work to success and if not there is a greater risk of losing it. He shared an interesting story of how success comes in to one’s life,

” There were two man of same profession, grade and standard working in a company. One evening, light went off before working time and they locked the door and went home riding bicycle. 

After an about 10 miles passed, they came to know that lighting switch were left on. Mr. A asked Mr. B about returning back to the company to switch off the lights but Mr. B refused saying that they can do it tomorrow morning because they will be there before the owner, so owner will have no idea of keeping lights on for the whole night. But then Mr. A refused and went back to switch off the light while Mr. B headed towards home. 

After ten years, they met at the same spot, Mr. B with still a bicycle and Mr. A with Mercedes car. Mr. B was surprised and asked about how he changed from the same level of bicycle to Mercedes like the owner of the company. Then Mr. B replied with the smile saying that he has been the owner of that company since last ten years”.

 So working attitude like Mr. A in the story will lead you to many success stories in life.

Engineers plays an important role in the development of the company. Therefore updating knowledge of diverse background according to the requirement of the company is very important which is called application oriented training where engineers are trained according to the activity required to conduct in the company.

Every company as a whole works under four branches; operations, human resources, finance and marketing. Under operations is our field works with labors in the case of construction and infrastructure development and having number of workers to control over is human resources management. Financial sanction for the engineering infrastructure development needs thorough analysis of the project which requires engineering knowledge and project as a whole is manage through project management system which includes marketing. Therefore, it is very important to update knowledge in various background for engineers to play a greater role and this can be done only by engineers because engineers are meant to do it.

For marketing, various required knowledge updates are; channel management, retail management, retail banking and market research. For finance, commercial banking, equity research, corporate finance and investment banking. This are very important knowledge required to become manager of a larger company and it will matters a lot. All this knowledge based courses are provided by the Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM), India. 

Above mentioned are summary of little things I can grasp out of fabulous presentation made by Mr. Raman Preet and it gives me an immense pleasure to recollect and jot it down. The purpose in to get reminded of myself of his presentation which I felt would guide me in developing good thinking attitude during the times of my career. Because of my poor language and writing skills, the pages become this much long which someone could have expressed it in few paragraph. So it will be bored to read but main message it has to convey very important to me. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Raman for his wonderful presentation which would change my way of thinking and attitudes towards future career and also thanks to DRIL (Dean Research of Industrial Linkages) of College of Science and Technology for making such arrangement.

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