Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Stay in CST

My stay in CST for last four years has taught me good lessons to tackle different kinds of problems and ovoid obstacles to lead a meaningful life ahead. I had a difficult times not being able to grasp the ideas of the subjects and unable to perform well in exams. I have also gone through good times of enjoyment and met good friends who had helped me in millions ways to be able to graduate on time. 

I had an opportunity to interact with lecturers, professors and special guest from diverse background of knowledge and nationality through lectures, presentations and talks. There are many friends met through Facebook, some are good friends, few are not and some can’t find word to describe. Everything that has happened during my stay at CST will be the memories that I would cherished for the rest of my life.


We are taught first with humanities and science modules including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Dzongkha under the department of Humanities and Science. It was easy for me to pass all the modules accept Mathematics which gave me tough time to get pass marks of 50% and I could only manage to score maximum of 52% out of four engineering mathematics module. Doing away with engineering mathematics is like being able to climb on Mount Everest was what I felt.

Civil Engineering Modules

Then comes the engineering modules under Civil Engineering Department. All the modules were so hard to understand particularly for me. Sometimes I assumed that my brain has got capacity limits in terms of understanding engineering science and doing analysis and calculations. Of all the modules, structural mechanics was the toughest. I had to do back paper assessment for both structural mechanics I and II and the maximum score was 52% and that also with maximum hard working. I enjoyed almost all the engineering modules though scorings are very less and it was my patience to know about engineering. Building drawings and designing was what I enjoyed the most.

Taking rest ~The time when I was busy with final year project work
Without the selfless help of the lecturers and their hard work and determination to make us a good student, I won’t be as proud as I have been today. To all my lecturers, technicians and other staff, I salute you all for your kind help and supports and wherever I am, I would never forget to pray for your continued good health and long live. Thanks to you all.

Civil Engineering Faculties and Technicians

While coming to the enjoyment, college picnic is one of the occasion where we used to enjoy to the fullest. Usually named as welcome picnic for first years during winter semesters and as farewell picnic for final years during summer semesters. When I recollect back, I remembered that I have never missed a single such occasions and it really indicates that I have enjoyed those times meant for enjoyment which give me sense of no regret. Special lunch, interactions with new faces, gossiping among friends, playing games involving mass participation and jam up where some of the items for enjoyment. Finally the day used to end with soft and hard drinks where we used to shout and scream to the extreme tone with the sense of joy in it.

Farewell picnic~Tursa Khola

The thing I liked about being one of the CSTians is that nobody bothers what happened during such occasion the next day and everybody will be in their own world concentrating on studies until another day of such enjoyment comes.

Jam up session is another occasion of such enjoyment. Everybody enjoy this night as if it was their last night to be together. I felt it was an important occasion for us to gain confidence and a way to enjoy as “one world one people” with rest of the people around the world because it was a common form of enjoyment pick up by people irrespective of age and popularly known as Party Night.

Four years has now come to an end and felt like it’s a dream. Though the journey was too long, I never felt it really took that much because of numbers of assignments, presentations and tests that kept me busy throughout. Successfully completing the final year project work determines the potentiality of an engineering student to become real engineer. We had to put in lots of hard work, undergo high pressure, experienced severe tension and anxiety while doing research and then presenting to the panel member formed by civil engineering department faculty where we had to developed self-disciplined in front of them. Everything that I had to undergo, whether I felt good or not, ultimately has helped me to become what I am today.

I felt proud of being able to make it to the final year and successfully completing the project work which was the biggest challenge I have ever faced.

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