Friday, August 7, 2015

Thangzor-The Heaven

Flat hilltop with summer meadows and cool breeze winter wind that swallows up the ill mood and let amiable happiness blossoms in the heart of living beings. The abode of Thangzor, the heaven, thus derived its name from its beautiful co-existence with nature. 

Rumors says, the place is cremation ground and beliefs to believe that there exist demon and monsters appeared. History to agree with when I see the existence of Chorten to subdue and diminish the power of demonism. Therefore, Royal Bhutan Army choose the area for firing practice. Later the couples choose to date to cherish their relationship. This place remains silent and isolated accept for couples and RBA trainers for they need privacy for their secret means. 

When in the verge of transition of human existence into modern era, the modernity believed no beliefs. So, the decisions to create the place into sport complex and residence for the resident of JNP made the real change. The place emerge out of isolation and become the trip destination which appeared more beautiful. 
Several occasion, Sundays and holidays are the times for families for dry picnic and friends for casual walk with casual talks. Couples for romance. They all select this place and choose to stay until spectacular sunset. Unbelievable was I then to realize my wonderful peacetime staying there was God-given when I start missing every moments I spent at this place. 

Dear elders, your advices are considerate, decisions are thoughtful and companion are wise and memorable. Never moved so far and when I do, I got adoring memories to cherish. I have been good friends to everyone, if I wasn’t then at least I tried my best to be one. Believe me, because I got friends of equal genders without age limit. Kids to play with and share intellectual innocence to learn new things. Friends with secrets and big secrets of all the Ara and Wine. Sweet smell of wine letting into sniff and sip and swirl through the buds and throat resulting into expectorating sometimes. Secrets are to be kept within and words are to be spoken. When Ara is well known for unlimited words then secrets got no place to hide and bury. This is what I meant by saying, the best buddies ever I had and you got to called Thangzorpas.  

Residing and taking refuge of Thangzor with peace of mind and happiness for last one year, I undoubtedly with pride would like to say Thangzor-The Heaven, the best residence of Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic.

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