Monday, August 10, 2015

Trip to Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort was amazingly beautiful and baronial. Monumental structures out of granite with battlement all around let my mouth agape in excitement. I was doom by the city chaos of traffic and certainly was looking for silent refreshing high hills. Walking and climbing till apex of the fort and taking snaps through four corners of Hyderabad trying to point out the directions of our hostels and colleges was a happy moment. 

Out of curiosity, browse through little history and found out that Golconda Fort was capital of major province of Sultanate (Muslim country in the past) and was first built by Kakatiya dynasty. Golconda derived its name from Golla Konda in Telugu, meaning “shepherd hill”. According to legend, a shepherd boy found an idol in the area and when it was reported to the Kakatiyan king, he ordered a mud fort to be built around it and the following rulers keep extending the area. Today, it covers around 10km circumference and 400ft height which remains India’s most magnificent fortress.

I wonder about the huge granite rocks dressed perfectly and used over high walls which is impossible even with the modern engineering tools and wonder most when I see the strength it holds for many centuries. So, the aesthetic view is of no question.

People with various religion and from different region are visiting the place with full energy. Some with material offerings, some with prayers and many with just digital cameras. Full blink of eyes all over, sometimes breaking into dashes among unknowns yet everybody was friendly and walk away with beaming smiles. I came to realize the blessings of such a great fort over happiness of the people visiting the place.

In the midst of click and snaps, I overheard somebody saying about Bollywood film “Tere Naam” being shot inside the fort. I downloaded the movie and watch it out of curiosity. Salman Khan in coma was in this fort for religious treatment when medical science proves no live. Finally recovering was the blessing but Bhumika Chawla who died unknown was his another misery.

Whatsoever, trying to live and adjust with different environment was not so easy for last few days. But the hopes for betterment gives me strength to move on. Thank you Bhutanese friends for organizing get together party. The dinner was special and introducing new friends after a kick from little drinks were awesome moments. 

The trip was enjoyable and sights are amazing. And this happens all because of you all. Thank you all once again.

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