Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Untold Sacrifices of Parents are Unpayable

Parent's love are immeasurable and their sacrifices are unpayable. Whether office bearer or a farming men, responsibilities are equal for their children. They all look for common opportunities of pride children would bring. Some may spend to buy expensive one but other may not fail to buy cheap one as well. It is their wish to provide what is required for their children's education. So, they do work hard to earn penny by penny.

Collecting dry leaves and debris amass, fodder and forage heap up to sheltered and feed the cattle. Ploughing fields through terraces with organic vegetables grown to make three meals a day possible. Sustainability was questioned in your absence. This is a story of a farmer residing in the far-flung hamlet with small family.

Tired of daily farming and other physical exertion yet undaunted happiness exist when everyone in the family smiles and remain satisfied for the day. With prayers of gratitude for happy ending day and hopes for better tomorrow drags your exhausted eyelids to fall asleep. That’s how days goes on and you moved on with unwavering hopes and strength.

with my dad
Breaking the hardest rock along the roadsides and sawing the toughest wood through the forest, spending nights under the caves, beside rivers and inside thick jungles with altocumulus sky as blanket and fire to be warm and escape the danger of darkness. You have risk your life sometimes to earn a penny. All this selfless sacrifices you have made are for your children to get education and family to exist. 

Education brought me through the complexity of outside world into knowledgeable society but your values ensured me better life. You expect nothing than to have good children away from modern abuses. Wanted to make your children realize the fruits of hardship and lead an exemplary awe-inspiring life of selflessness.  

My family
As an elder brother, I have tried my best to become one of your kind but little sacrifices I tried were incomparable. Can’t find ways to pay gratitude just then to say, “You are a hero of our family”. 

Distances let me be helpless today, when you called me and say that you are sick but I always wish and pray for your quick recovery, my dad. Hope, mom is helping you through all’s of your life as always. Missing you all and see you, until then stay hopeful and strong as you always are. Amen!!!


  1. May god bless your dad with speedy recovery... This is touching post ever^^
    Keep smiling and believe in yourself... Everything is going to be okay the nest day.
    Take care #JImmy. be strong and follow your heart.
    Reagards :) :)

    1. Thank you Rupa. You made me feel happy and ya really am smiling :) :).....
      actually m very poor in english but as my profession demands i thought its good to start writing whatever it may be....... thats how story came out..... wish to learn from u all good writers...:):).. Tc

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