Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Jigmey

I really don’t know and really don’t care about my birthday. Seriously, there was no time to think about it and finds no reasons to celebrate. I don’t remember my parents wishing me Happy Birthday and still they don’t know that today is my birthday. It was 2:30am and I was just worried about my journey to Chennai with ambivalent mission that made me sleepless. Wanted to see the time and upon touching my mobile screen it appeared like “Thursday, August 20” which suddenly strikes my mind “Oh! It’s my birthday”. I turned out to be 25 and finally realized I am no longer adolescent. Need to be a genuine gentleman now. 

Thank you my beloved parents for giving me beautiful life and your love and care are immense.  Your greatest gift I would blissfully cherished forever on my birthday would be the sacrifices you have made in this life. I can’t imagine the kind of hardship you have been through and I would always remember this as I grew older year by year and I promise, I will always be a good son like every parents wish and deserved. 
Screen Shot from my PC
I remember once in my college days, treating my friends with drinks under their peer pressure because of my birthday. No formal wishing, in fact never think about birthday but the drinks. Again one time I remember BOB sending SMS wishing me Happy Birthday. Sometimes Facebooking Happy Birthday. That’s the only story until my 24th Birthday and today nobody remember to wish me and I wish to wish myself  “Happy Birthday Jigmey” and wish to wish on behalf of my parents “Happy Birthday Jigmey, Always be a good son”. Definitely they would say this if they knew that birthday should be remembered to be celebrated. 
Happy 25th Birthday!!!

Surprisingly I saw birthday cake with candle lit on my PC screen while trying to download pictures of Happy Birthday. It was Google+ and when I scroll down it reads “Happy Birthday Jigme!!!” Amazingly, smiles breaks through my face and was just very happy then. Thank You Google+. Earlier it was BOB while in Bhutan, now it was you Google+ while in India and definitely will wait for next big surprise.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

15th August-Independence Day

Since the declaration of India’s independence from British India on 15th August 1947, India celebrated the greatest slogan of independence. Today is the 69th Day of celebration and would like to say “Happy Independence Day India”. Indeed, India’s independence brought for Bhutan huge impact on education system and today nearly 5000 Bhutanese are pursuing higher education in India. 
photo courtesy-google
It was this day on 15th August 2014, I got appointment into service as a teacher, an Independence Day indeed. Today I am celebrating first anniversary of my service to my family and nation. Great day assured, with another chapter of my life, meeting new friends from Nalsar University of Law and other universities in Hyderabad. Having played Khuru and funs with humorist, unexpected it was and joyous day ever. 

Happy Independence Day!!!