Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life goes on

Our daily experiences are filled with wonders and excitement. As a kid, I was fascinated by the existence of gigantic vast surface of the earth, the tiniest stars, the dim moon light and the brightest sun. The belief that earth is flat and sun moves around the earth was so amazing. Indeed, those were the little discoveries I have made. What exist beyond that mountain was another big wonder. I need not have to read books to get excitement and those days were the best days of my life. I only knew about things I can see and feel, and those beyond the reach of my eyes were all wonders. I was quite happy then.

Today, all those excitements were forgotten. I have learn about the spherical earth, knew even the approximate radius and its rotation, revolution about its axis and around the solar system. Star were seen tiny but it’s thousand times larger than this huge earth. New discoveries are made every day and some even reached to explore the innumerable Milky Way galaxy, universe and black holes in space and the existence of aliens. Today, only readings, audios and videos gives us excitement. 
Milky Way
My world has changed from seeing the reality to seeing the creations of those reality in the form of social media. Our life journeyed along same path and wander under single sky, share one earth, drink water from single source. Still, people discriminates within smallest society, forget about race and religion. Nature does everything to please us, we people are almost in the verge of failing to repay with our greatest intellects. Big reasons to worry about and wonder.

How amazing the life would be to every individual if loving kindness and compassion prevails everywhere and politics and businesses of selfishness eradicates.   

Life is a never ending stories and each episodes determines the quality of life one lived.  

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