Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Life

Life wasn’t supposed to be easy I guess. Remembering past kills me sometimes. I didn’t choose that way but it all happened just the way it is. I know regretting is not a solution but can’t avoid it anyways. As an ordinary human being, we all are born to do mistakes. I did mistakes too and biggest mistake of all is that I couldn’t accept others mistakes and that rude attitude of mine made me loose the most important person in my life. I happened to be simply walked away without any second thought. Your simplicity cannot be replaced by anyone, you are just special. I have expected everything so perfect from you without realizing that I was so selfish in doing so. Mistakes are common, I should have realize this before. It’s simply a little mistakes we have done that now we are apart. It hurts and I know we both did. I wish we can come back and be normal as we used to be. I can imagine the beautiful life we have plan for long. But things aren’t possible. While trying to become the best, I turns out to be the worst. So ill fated. Life seems not so easy for me.
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I missed our anniversaries and I missed our conversations. We have been waiting for our future so anxiously and had to end without living it. Life is such a twist, we can’t change or reform things as you wish. It’s been few years pass and I tried living a normal life but it wasn’t so easy. I can’t be serious and just don’t like so many things that I used to. That’s why people started hating me. Today, I am trying to be good and because I am afraid of becoming the worst again, I keep most things for myself.

Everything happens for a reason and most things in our life are not in our hand. God decides everything.

That’s one episode of my life in brief.

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